Friday, January 30, 2009

Change of Plans!

Sooooo, my printer, computer, and Word are not playing nicely together (that always happens when there's 3 - right?! Or maybe that's just my kids. . .) so I can't use Rebecca's files for How Firm a Foundation. So I've ended up using Rebecca's main idea of building blocks with words and pictures to form a foundation and created all my own images. I found lots of great clip art HERE and made my own building blocks. I'll upload them to 4shared soon so I can share them with you, but I gotta go get the kids at school right now. Thanks again to Rebecca - I'm sad I can't use her originals but I never would have figured out what to put on mine without her!

K- I'm back! Here's the link:


Don't have any pictures for you yet as I just got them printed out, but there are 16 pages of brick-like images with all the words and a picture to go with the words. Everything is in JPEG format and I just printed mine on white cardstock. I'm about to go laminate them and cut them out. FYI - I printed out 3 of the "Who unto the Savior" pages and 3 "Upheld by my righteous" pages. Hope your lesson goes well tomorrow (and mine!)


  1. Jeni I love your images and am using them tomorrow. So I printed all of them out except #9,#11,and #16 only printed out brick stripes, no words or pictures. I tried it 2 times with the same result? Not sure what happened.
    Carrie in Gilbert

  2. thank you so much for sharing - I was going to do something different, but now I have a new idea and will be using the images you so generously have shared.

    I am going to have the kids put the pictures in order as I sing the song a few times - to get them familiar with the song. Then I will give a picture, or two, to each class and they will be in charge of those words and we will go around the primary room with each class singing just their "part".

  3. Thank you for sharing your visuals! They are great!

  4. carriecomeondown - I'm not sure what the problem is but my guess is maybe something is wrong with your printer - maybe out of ink colors? I printed everything o.k. from these files and just downloaded them again to make sure they're o.k. and they are. Sorry - wish I could be more help.

  5. I apologize for posting your work on the other blog - I thought I was just showing a picture and that others would still have to go to your site in order to download them - I guess I don't really understand blog stuff well enough yet and what is proper and what is not.
    Forgive my ignorance please.

  6. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I was just sustained as the junior primary chorister today and I have no idea what I'm doing. I will reference your site over and over if that's okay!

  7. Hello fellow chorister! I googled "How Firm a Foundation" and came upon your blog! Thanks for sharing your ideas--I am also on the look out for fresh and easy ways to teach. I have found this blog to be helpful as well
    I ended up using her idea for How firm a foundation. It has been simple and effective! My primary loved it and has the first and part of the 3rd memorized. I am so happy with how easy this visual aid and the actions I did along with teaching was for the kids to grasp. Good luck with yours!

  8. Thank you so much for sharing your brick images! They are great.