Thursday, January 29, 2009

How Firm a Foundation

Well, I kept waiting and waiting for inspiration to hit me and it NEVER did!!!! I have been worried about this one for months. Seriously. But then, an angel (Rebecca) all the way in Australia emailed me with an idea she had. She found me through this blog and my post about it on Primusic. I LOVE PRIMUSIC. If you haven't already signed up for it . . . RUN to yahoo and do it NOW!!!!!!! The only idea I had for HFAF was to make some kind of foundation with the words and/or pictures for the words and build that as we learn and sing it but I couldn't ever come up with an idea or a picture in my head that would work. Rebecca's idea is pretty much the same but her's came to fruition and she's sharing it with all the members of Primusic (like I said before, RUN!) I think we'll also start out singing time with singing "The Wise Man and the Foolish Man" and then talk about that a little and then I'm hoping I can figure out some kind of visual aid using a pan, sand and a rock, and a cardboard house. That may be pushing it though since I don't have that much time and I really need to get the kids singing it. It's such a hard song with huge words though that I really want to take some time to explain it to them. That's the whole point of these songs, right? To reinforce the things they learn at home and church and to help them learn more. That's the constant struggle I have with singing time though. I have too many things to talk about and explain and not enough time to sing them! Anyway. . . I'm hoping to get everything printed up and figured out today sometime so I'll post some pictures when I can.

Also, I'm going to tell my kids that the idea for this song came from Sister Jack and all the way from Australia - hopefully they'll get excited about that! Thanks again Rebecca!

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