Thursday, February 19, 2009

Some more My Eternal Family

I had a request for some a black and white (coloring page-type) version of my {My Eternal Family} visuals so here they are!

My Eternal Family black and white images

I'm actually starting this song on Sunday since we have Stake Conference on March 1 and then a Visiting Teaching Conference on March 8th and my hubby will be filling in for me then. I'll let you know how it goes. HFAF has been AWESOME and the kids are really loving it. I just taught them v.3 last week so I hope it stays with them and that we can get some more practice with it since we have to move on next week. We'll see. . .


  1. Thank you thank you for your helps with singing time. I'm using most of your visuals for My Eternal Family and I think they are awesome. If it weren't for great bloggers like you and the Internet, I wouldn't know where to begin! I love this blog.

  2. How true to form. You are seriously my idol.

  3. So thank you so much for your great ideas. I have to tell you I found your site off of Sugardoodle, but I recognized your picture from somewhere. It hit me that you comment on Amanda Smith's blog. We were good friends in high school. It was fun to make the connection. Thanks for the LDS creations idea, I bought it today and am so excited. This calling is a stretch for me. I just got released from a six year stent in young womens. I am grateful for creative people like you. Cami

  4. Thank you for these great little helpers! I already taught the first verse last Sunday and wanted some pictures to remind the kids of the words...these are perfect! I am so happy to have found your site off of Sugardoodle! I need all the good ideas I can get! Wendy

  5. Is there any chance someone could send me a copy of the unzipped files as I can't open them ?? to
    Thank you for all your work.