Saturday, May 30, 2009


Where did May go?! Or April for that matter? Time seems to be speeding up the older I get. Anyway, the past two months have gone well in singing time. My kids learned "I'm Trying to Be Like Jesus" in April and we've been working on "Baptism" for May. I was sooooo terrified of this song but my kids have all three verses down pat and a lot of the sign language to go with it! They are amazing. They always learn the songs quickly when I have them doing some kind of action at the same time - especially Junior. I found a website that has tons of different sign language words with videos showing you how to sign them and just picked out the major words for the song. So it's very basic and a lot of the words are repeated throughout the song like "Jesus" and "baptized" or "baptism" so it was pretty easy for them to learn.

I don't have any great ideas for "I'll Seek the Lord Early" yet. I'm still trying to figure out what to do for tomorrow but hopefully my brain will work this week and I'll come up with something to share. ;)


  1. What is the name of the website you found with the sign language shown? I, too, find that if I can engage the kids by having them move they do much better and focusing and singing. I find this especially true with the Jr. However, I am now teaching just the Sr. and I have having a hard time getting them to pay attention and sing out and not be bored. I think the things I come up with are fun, but they still look terribly bored. Any suggestions?

  2. apple - Sr. is just harder to please I think! They are MUCH easier to teach and learn everything quickly but they do get bored easily. My Sr. Primary really likes any kind of competitive game like Jeopardy or something. The site I found for ASL is Just scroll down and they have a whole section for religious signs as well as a main dictionary. It's great!